Fullstack Engineer (x/f/m) - JS Focus

CDI - Berlin HQ

About Doctolib

Founded in 2013, Doctolib is the fastest growing and one of the leading e-health services in Europe.

For healthcare professionals

We provide healthcare professionals with a software solution with a full range of services to help improve the efficiency of their operations, provide their patients with a more seamless experience, attract new patients, and collaborate with other practitioners.

For patients

We provide patients with a more transparent access to healthcare and a full suite of online services to manage their health: from finding nearby healthcare professionals, to booking/managing appointments 24/7 online, having remote medical consultations via video and receiving a digital prescription in their online account. 

Key figures

  • We partner with 135,000 healthcare professionals and 3,000 healthcare facilities including some of the largest hospitals in France and Germany;
  • We have 50+ million patient visits on our platform every month in France and Germany combined;
  • 125,000 video consultations happen daily on the Doctolib app;
  • We plan to hire 2,000 Doctolibers in the coming years to transform the healthcare sector.

Our 6 Doctolib Pillars "SCALES": 

  • SERVE: Provide exceptional service to healthcare professionals & patients
  • CARE: Take care of our team
  • ACT: Be action-oriented and bold
  • LEARN: Be humble and learn 3 things every day
  • ENJOY : Enjoy and maintain a high level of energy
  • STRUCTURE: Work with methodology & efficiency to scale

What you can expect

As Fullstack Engineer (x/f/m) you will take technical decisions that help us build user focused and intensively tested products. We want them to be securely, reliably and pragmatically engineered. 

Our deployments occur up to 3 times a day and we are backed with 16K+ tests here. 

The technological environment of our product is relatively simple with React in front- and Ruby in back-end, hosted in a monolithic repository. However, in our ecosystem you will also be able to see TypeScript, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, Redis, ReactiveX and ElasticSearch.

We have around 250 people across our technology centers in Berlin, Paris and Nantes. 120 of them are software engineers, organized in features teams (mini-startups) with 5 - 6 members. Pair programming and code reviews are a common practice. Each member has regular one on ones with their Engineering Manager to develop their career. 

Your profile

To be successful in this role, it is important that you have fun in creating software in its most simple way. Therefore, it is important to bring the following skills:

  • Expert knowledge in JavaScript / React
  • Good handling of relational databases
  • Rigorous testing background
  • Optional: prior experience in NodeJS and TypeScript

If you target a senior role, you will be a role model within the team and discuss potential solutions, being a team player and communicating constantly. One of your main responsibilities will be the mentoring of colleagues. We expect previous experience here. To qualify for this level, you should also show a basic knowledge with Backend technologies.

Some things to enjoy 

  • An extensive on-boarding program 
  • MacBook or Linux-Laptop as requested by you
  • German or French classes 
  • Time and budget for self-development (conferences, training material, etc.)
  • A super fun international team
  • A monthly team building budget
  • A management academy
  • An exchange program between Berlin and Paris 
  • A great office in the heart of Berlin
  • A few DoctoParties, DoctoMonthly Meetings, DoctoBeers, DoctoWeek-ends, Hackathons, Meetups, etc.
  • Public transport support, professional iPhone, discount for Urban Sport Club, etc.

What's next?

You have the feeling to need more information? Feel free to dig into Doctolib's...

> Engineering culture

> Blog posts

> Github

> Dev.to

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