Our missions

We believe in transforming healthcare while building a company
with strong values

"We have had the same long-term mission since day 1: transform practices and hospitals to make our healthcare system more human, efficient and connected, with a company of entrepreneurs united by strong human values."
Stanislas Niox-ChateauCo-founder & CEO, Doctolib

Every year, €1,7 billion is invested in Europe, yet healthcare professionnals and patients continue to face many issues.

Low-to-no investment in technology, lack of coordination leaving many practitioners isolated, sub-optimal organisations... these are just a few of the recurring challenges healthcare professionals deal with on a daily basis.

The time spent working around these issues is time taken away from providing the best care to their patients.

A lot can also be improved to empower patients and let them take an active role in their health.
We believe that technology can provide:
of French patients claimed to have already given up or postponed medical treatment*.

"Healthcare professionals are at the heart of the healthcare transformation. We are together as one team, and we work hand in hand everyday to create the best services for them and their patients."
Dr. Ilias TsimpoulisDoctor & Managing Director, Doctolib Germany

Improving the quality of life of all healthcare professionals and helping them provide better patient care

We are improving patient care management and allowing healthcare professionals to free up more time to tend to patients, provide appropriate treatment, and improve the collaboration and communication with fellow practitioners.
How do we achieve that? We leverage technology and focus on reducing administrative tasks, decreasing work strain in medical practices and hospitals, and providing more flexibility through our products & services.
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Helping patients get faster, better treatment

We work to make patients' lives easier by:
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We are building a company of entrepreneurs with strong human values, ready to transform healthcare for good

At Doctolib, we share the same vision and ambitious goal to help transform healthcare with technology. Being purpose-driven means that each Doctoliber strives for excellence, day in, day out. We encourage each other to take action, have a positive impact, and work hard to achieve that goal.

We are all entrepreneurs: 1,600+ Doctolibers and just as many CEOs

We define entrepreneurs as people with:
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Joining Doctolib means adding value to a team of entrepreneurs who want to transform the world of healthcare.
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*Source: BVA survey for France Assos Santé published on November 17 2019 by LeJournal du dimanche.