Doctolib protects user data and complies with deontology and medical ethics

« Because healthcare is unique, we are committed to fully protecting user data, respecting deontology and medical ethics and working with a sustainable and transparent business model. »
Stanislas Niox-ChateauCo-founder & CEO at Doctolib

Patients and healthcare professionals are owners of their data

Data ownership
Data is exclusively owned by practitioners, hospitals and patients using Doctolib. We do not have access to it. We don't own it.
Accredited healthcare hosting centers
Data is hosted in France & Germany in accredited healthcare hosting centers. Data is encrypted with the highest safety standards.
Full GPDR Compliance
We respect the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and comply with all French / German regulations on security and ownership of healthcare data.

Doctolib is #1 in cybersecurity

Doctolib has a cybersecurity score of 83/100 according to Cyrating*. Among the 109 companies evaluated in the healthcare sector, Doctolib is one of the only 3 companies to get a score above 80.
Doctolib has been repeatedly ranked #1 over the past few months.

* Cyrating assesses Doctolib's cyber security and GDPR performance every month.

We respect deontology and medical ethics

We treat all practitioners equally: nobody can pay to be put forward. Doctolib's search results are random and we update our randomized results every hour.
No rating
We are against practitioner ratings from patients because practitioners are individuals and care quality is hard to measure.
« Doctolib relies on 2 core principles. Firstly, doctors and patients who use Doctolib are the only owners of their data: Doctolib cannot access any personal information about them whatsoever. Secondly, because healthcare is not a business, all doctors are treated equally and we refuse to consider them as a service: this is why there are no ranking or notation of doctors on our website and app. »
Dr. Ilias TsimpoulisDoctor & Managing Director, Doctolib Germany

We have a sustainable and transparent business model

Practitioners and hospitals pay a monthly subscription fee for 100% of Doctolib services. We have 0 other economic model.
No commitment
Practitioners can stop Doctolib anytime: they use our services as long as we bring value to them.
We deliver a strong value to all our users (practitioners, secretaries and patients) which makes our company sustainable.
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