The Doctoliber Mindset

We are a team of entrepreneurs who work hard to make Doctolib possible

We have created 800 jobs in 4 years and we plan to hire more than 1.000 people in the coming years.

We are located in France and Germany, with 2 headquarters based in Paris & Berlin, and have a strong local footprint with people in 40 different cities.

We are all entrepreneurs who want to build something concrete that matters and we believe in what we do.

We are hard working because nothing good can happen without effort or in a day.

Humility is one of our core values: all of us try to learn 3 new things per day to improve ourselves.

We are passionate about Doctolib and the healthcare sector.

We have new cutting-edge technology, developed 100% in-house by a team of 150 engineers in 2 health tech centers.

SPAAH stands for our values

Delivering an outstanding service
Being passionate and creating fun
Being ambitious, with no limits
Being determined
Being humble and sensitive to others
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All entrepreneurs

At Doctolib, everyone has a strong ownership and is encouraged to:

Have a vision

Lead by enthusiasm

Learn every day

Work hard

Strive for excellence

ETEACH embodies the values of our manager

give clear ownership to your teams and encourage initiatives
be a talent finder while raising the bar
lead by example with skills and a SPAAH spirit
master your management toolkit and guide your team
be a good trainer and support personal development
take care of your team and create an environment of trust

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