Our Engineering culture: we continuously solve interesting problems and create usage

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We are a growing team organized in autonomous small feature teams, all sharing the same obsession: provide the best experience for the users of our products and change the way people access healthcare.

The Tech Rocket Team

Developing search and availability algorithms to find the right doctor at the right time for you, your family and millions of people every month.

Developing rich client-side applications on desktop and mobile, intensively used by 115 000 professionals.

Connecting our service with hundreds of partners: from the patient management software of your dentist to large groups of hospitals (e.g.: AP-HP, the biggest group of hospitals in Europe.

Ensuring maximum security and availability of the sensitive data we host.

Crafting new tools to scale our team and the efficiency of our other departments.

Our stack

We always strive to keep our stack simple and in line with industry standards.
Everything runs on Ruby on Rails 6.1 backed by PostgreSQL 11.9 and Redis. Front side, we bet on React and RxJS even for our mobile apps. Of course, we can make exceptions when we need to, so we also have a cluster of ElasticSearch in production for specific features. We work with sensitive healthcare data, so we are required to host our platform in a specific data-center with a failover datacenter.

Best-In-Class development lifecycle

Shipping as many features as we do requires a strict development lifestyle

Pull requests don’t languish idly for long: they are strictly reviewed (code design, performance, security...); they are always covered by automated tests and deployed on a staging environment to be reviewed by the product team.

Every day at 5pm

All merged pull requests of every team are shipped to production under the supervision of a different engineer.

We believe that everyone should be involved in maintaining code quality

Applying continuous refactoring and using technical tasks to keep technical debt small, code quality is part of the “definition of done” of any feature.

Our values

User first

We are building a service that everybody needs and loves.  Step by step, we change how people access healthcare.  Your first goal is to deliver the best product experience for patients and doctors. A product you will be proud of.


We define a clear 3 months roadmap in which each engineer assumes a privileged position of technical leader on a critical feature. Regardless of your experience, you will peer with the product team from start to end, ensuring the engineering team makes the right decisions and drive your team to stay on track and on time. The product must be yours so you can make the right decisions.

Keep the stack simple

We love the SpaceX project, but we are not looking for rocket scientists ;)
You will sometimes have to brainstorm to find the simplest solution to complex problems. You must feel confident that your solution will be easy to understand, scalable and reusable. This is the reason why we stay pragmatic when introducing new components in our stack and why we challenge over-engineering or have several ways to do the same things.

Learn & Grow

We hire ambitious people who are looking for the best of what the company can give them back.
So whatever your background or experience is, our engineering manager’s mission is to help you grow and find the perfect track over the years.
We encourage full technical stack knowledge and areas of expertise, but we expect more than that: improving your business sense and sharing the product strategy is essential to understanding why you are working; improving your organization skills will help you focus on what matters most and be fully autonomous or a team leader.

Security & Reliability

Millions of patients and clients trust our service in France and Germany. We take this responsibility very seriously and enforce privacy by design in all our product and engineering thinking. We have a dedicated team to help engineers build secure systems.
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