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Benoit Lafontaine
Engineering Manager

« My motto at Doctolib is "Have fun and make a positive impact on the world". Every feature, every standup, every development result from this mindset. »

Mélanie Bérard
Fullstack Engineer

« What I like about Doctolib is that our growth turns every topic into a technical challenge. »


Data, research, innovation and empathy inspire the day-to-day decisions of the Product teams. In a visionary way, they are always thinking about tomorrow's features.

Florian Duchêne
Product Owner

« It's incredible to work for a product that breaks down so many barriers in healthcare. We receive daily thank you emails from our customers. It is completely unique. »

Charlotte Guieysse
Data Analyst

« My goal as a data analyst is to extract, process and analyze mountains of data. I work in collaboration with all teams (tech, operations, marketing, sales, etc.) and help them make the right strategic decisions! »


Our business developers are reaching out to practitioners to offer them our service and train them to use it to their advantage. The Key Accounts team is responsible for the deployment of Doctolib in healthcare institutions. "Through the door or through the window" is the favorite motto of this sports team.

Fabrice Codjia
Regional Manager Sales

« I had two goals when I joined Doctolib: to have a positive and tangible impact on my customers, and to get the opportunity to grow with the company. Doctolib has been trusting me ever since the very first day, and today I manage a team of business developers who teach me every day about the manager I aspire to become. »

Aimée Diallo
Key Account Manager

« I joined Doctolib so that I could be actively involved in the transformation of the healthcare sector. It's very rewarding because projects are ambitious and we develop a product that meets real needs for health structures. »

Customer Services

The Customer Operations team ensures that all our patients and healthcare professionals use our product in a good way every day. They are real 'Swiss Army Knives' and product experts, the customer oriented mindset is their 'raison d'être'.

Clémence Chabaud
Onboarding manager

« At Doctolib, I identify with the Doctor Onboarding team's dynamism and enthusiasm. It is great to be able to thrive in an environment that encourages us to share ideas every day to improve our service. »


Communicating with health professionals and communicating about Doctolib services are the objectives of the Marketing team. Empathetic, creative, rigorous and analytical, the team reinvents themselves every day to meet the needs of patients and physicians.

Finance & Legal

Members of the Finance team are true business partners: they support the company's growth and ensure the well-being of all Doctolibers. Whether they are experts in accounting, management control, NCIT, health lawyers or Office Managers, their mission is to ensure that strategic guidelines are respected.

Justine Bourdeu
Legal Director

« I never thought I would be able to work on projects about data privacy while keeping a humanistic approach. It is so amazing to work with people who see technology as a service to mankind! »

Antoine Carrere
Financial Controller

« Doctolib is one of the few companies with an overall positive impact on society. When I joined, I was impressed by the maturity of such a young company... and also by the parties at the top of the Eiffel Tower. »


The objective of the Talent team is to support Doctolibers and help them grow in their daily lives. They are empathetic, ambitious, forward-thinking, and have two objectives: to build the Doctolib of tomorrow and to ensure the well-being of all Doctolibers.

Aurélia Louis
Talent Partner & Campus Manager

« No days are alike, I'm evolving in a fast-paced environment. I like being able to interact with so many different people, introduce them to the adventure and sharing our passion and enthusiasm with them. »

Rassam Yaghmaei
Tech Talent Manager

« Every day at Doctolib, we transform what is most important to millions of Europeans: Health. Recruiting the technical teams that are building the 'future of healthcare' is, in my opinion, the most rewarding mission of all. »

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